Continuous Recording Option for Freedom 360 GoPro VR Rig

We are happy to announce today that now our custom solution has been delivered from Germany. Now our rigs can record for 2hrs in 2.7K in 60fps. This special set-up requires a wall-outlet (110V) and can run 6 gopros as long as the microsd cars run out of space. In our tests we did not use […]

360 VR Realtime Monitoring/Streaming Available Now – Teradek Sphere

We are happy to announce that BFK has started carrying Teradek Sphere and available for rental in Toronto and surroundings. Compatible with any HDMI camera, Sphere is the most flexible wireless 360º monitoring and streaming solution for 4-camera VR rigs. Its 4 USB ports offer an integrated power solution for GoPro rigs and its stereo […]

360 GoPro Rigs here and available to rent

We’ve just started to carry 3 different 360 Gopro rigs for our productions. Every rig has its own place and usage. There are also available for rental. Please contact us your turn key 360 VR production. Izugar 2X: Weight only 180g, the Z2XC can fit into many challenging scenario that are difficult to have good […]

Animations for Humber College

We’ve commissioned recently to produce five animation for Humber’s Liberty Studies. The animations are based on whiteboard, motion graphics, and infographics. Then they are very happy the five animations we produced and decided to order four more.

Explanatory Video Production for Yoga Detour

Yoga Detour is changing the way we arrive at the yoga practice. Blending yoga with human biomechanics and corrective exercise Cecily and Kathryn aim to individualize the practice, making yoga accessible for everyone.    

A Coproduction for ORF’s TV Documentary Series

Austrian National TV, ORF  has hired me to produce 30 minutes documentary about Canadian famous opera singer Michael Schade. We had only 4 day to shoot Michael and his family along with the places, friends that have significant meaning to him. At the end of the shooting we had 1200 minutes of footage to be […]

New collaboration with UHN

We have embarked on a project called FUTURE POINT* which is a nonprofit, public-friendly, interactive website showcasing the research of Canadian PhD scientists working on advancements that will shape the lives of Canadians and those around the world. By applying science journalism and new media tools to clearly translate science research to a general audience, […]

Production Services for Wall to Wall

BfK has provided full production services for Wall to Wall Productions, London, UK. Wall to Wall, part of the Shed Media Group, is an independent television production company that produces event specials and drama, factual entertainment, science and history programmes for broadcast by networks in both the United Kingdom and United States. Wall to wall […]

New Co-production

We have completed a production here in Toronto for Evolution TV, Australia. This is an fascinating documentary that explores  the life after death. Our responsibility as BfK was provide full production service that took place in Hypno Healing Institute, Toronto. Synopsis: Life After Life explores the universally unanswered questions of “Where Do We Go After We […]

Sansara at Boston Film Festival

We are happy to announce that “Sansara is chosen by Boston Film Festival. BfK co-worked with the director “Bade Uysaler” and post production of the documentary is accomplished here in our studio in Toronto, ON. It is scheduled to be shown on Apr. 15th at 2-4pm along with four other short films. Tickets can be […]

New Documentary will be aired on OMNI

We have completed our exiting project regarding ethnic grocery stores in GTA. It has been great journey and we are thankful for those who help us in the way. OMNI will air the show in 2013. We have explored the evolution of ethnic groceries stores in GTA, many of which started as family businesses and […]

Documentary on secondary educational system

With the name of “Destino: Educação”, the series reveals the characteristics of the secondary educational system of countries that have excelled in the PISA (Programme for International Students Assessment) exams. The countries the series cover are: Brazil, Chile, China, South Korea, Finland, and Canada. For the Canadian segment of the series, Cinevideo has collaborated with […]

Our short doc is completed

Artist: Lauren Poon “I was interested in how the richness and diversity held within the Don River Valley created unplanned juxtapositions and associations that offered different possibilities for experience. I wanted to explore and record the way this place had developed over the last two hundred years, built slowly and incrementally over time; the […]

Red Epic Package Rental is available now – Toronto $650/day

Red Epic Package has arrived to BfK. We proudly offer our well designed Red Epic camera packages for your production, as well as services to help your production take full advantage of these great cameras. We often advise our clients on preproduction, offer continuous support during production, and can aid through post and finishing. We pride […]

New Blackmagic Raw Cinema Camera

This really is the NAB of new camera releases. Blackmagic Design has just introduced a new RAW camera to the market. What special about this camera is that it has super16mm sensor, resolution of 2.5K, 12bit and of course 12bit RAW recording capabilities. If raw would be too much for you you can record in […]

Sony FS700 Announced

Today, Sony announced its latest camera, the NEX-FS700. This is the big brother to the FS100 but with some major additions. The big news is the inclusion of an 3G/HD-SDI output and ND Filters, which were two of the most requested additions to the FS100. And the really big news is that the camera is “4K […]

Just provided production equipment for local short movie

Local producers Matt Code and Patrick T. Lo have choosen BfK as the equipment supplier for their short film called “Dan Invited Hannah Over for Dinner”. The movie shot on Panasonic Af100 and they recorded the footage on Atomos Samurai w/o hitch. Their DOP worked with mix of Kinos and LED 1000 panels to get […]

New Cameras in the market Scarlet & Canon C300

Canon EOS finally released what we’ve all been waiting for, The Canon EOS C300.  Not truly a DSLR and definitely not your traditional cinema rig, this tiny wonder will lead their full frontal assault on RED and Arri.  Here’s the specs thus far: The C300 has an EF mount supporting Canon’s own extensive line of still photography […]

New Season with ArtSync

This is gallery-hop segment from our weekly show on Rogers cable 10. More info about the show or contemporary visual art scene in GTA please visit us Music Step by Step by Cee Cee Cox.  

Ninja out Samurai in

Due to the new development and product announcement from Atomos we have decided to get rid of our Ninja and just purchased a Samurai. As you might know that great capabilities of Samurai has helped us persuade our decision. Samurai will be avialable shortly for rental. You can find out more details for rental in […]

Interviews for Provincial Elections 2011

We have conducted interviews this week with candidates in the Richmond Hill riding for the 2011 provincial elections, in order to inform viewers on the candidates/parties’ views on issues such as arts & culture programs, multiculturalism and new immigrants. NDP, Green Party and Liberal Party candidates have agreed to participate in this segment of the show. Here […]

New project for Omni Rogers

We are going to produce a documentry for Omni Rogers for this Fall. More updates regarding the project will be here. The synopsis: The documentary will provide an answer to the role of ethnic grocery stores. It will demonstrate how ethnic groceries became the focus for social relationship and cultural identity in years, how they […]

New Nikon Primes Arrived

Our friend in South Korea has sent our nikon primes yesterday. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Canada post guy in our door step with our package after ordering 4 days. It was awfully fast shipping. Nikon Primes are so pristine and clear. We would say they are almost new. So we believe […]

New Chinese 2K RAW Camera for $8000

This is the Kinefinity’s 2K digital cinema camera featuring a Super35 CMOS sensor, which the manufacturer hopes to bring to market for around US$8000. It offers what the manufacturer calls Dual RAW as it can record in 12 bit to either DNG, for CinemaDNG based workflows, or GoPro-Cineform RAW on removable SSD drives. The lens mount can […]

Overhauled Avid

Avid is showing off their new interface to their upcoming Media Composer. Also added is 64 bit support, new DNxHD codec, ability to work in higher resoultion then 4k, and support for AJA, Blackmagic, Bluefish I/O. Should be interesting, since they are really trying to grab the editors who have abandoned FCP. We might get reacquainted.

Provided production equipment for Exposure, NZ

Exposure team was here to cover Prison Fellowship Toronto Exhibition, 2011. We “BfK” provided them 2 full editing suites, production equipment and made sure their stay as productive as possible.

Co-production with CineVideo, Brazil. Secondary Education in Canada

For the Canadian segment of the series, Cinevideo is collaborating with BfK. Cinevideo is a Brazilian based production company conducting a program series about Education.  The project is an initiative of the Roberto Marinho Foundation/Canal Futura, in partnership with SESI/DN, an institution created by the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce for social and cultural development. With […]

New production for RTL, Germany

[good-old-gallery id=”57″ fx=”scrollHorz”] We have produced a piece for RTL, Germany. This piece is called Good bye Deutschland and airs RTL’s sister channel Vox. The channel finds germans who migrated to different countries and bring their new life back to Germany.

Completed web-series for Lonely Planet
Our new blog

We have just launched our new blog. We will be updating this blog for the current states of the company.

Location Fixer – Production Services

We are experienced location fixers and production support service for international production crews coming to shoot in Toronto and Montreal. We have helped countless Television programs, documentaries and other productions find what they are looking for and help them through every step of their project. We have expert local knowledge, including insight into local infrastructure […]